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  • New Evictions Reporting & Tenant Screening Law

    Beginning June 9, 2016, a new law goes into effect in Washington state that will require landlords to inform tenants whether they will accept a screening report provided by the tenant. Additionally, the law also allows people to get a court order to not give eviction records to tenant screening companies, if the eviction was actually decided in their favor.

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  • Apply for Health Insurance

    Need to sign up for health insurance? Washington residents are now able to use the website to compare and enroll in health insurance programs. This site can help you shop for health insurance anonymously, find out if you are eligible for financial help, compare plans side-by-side, and select a plan for coverage.

    A statewide Toll-Free Customer Support Center is open to start answering questions about health coverage options and explain the enrollment process. The call center is open M-F, 8am-5pm and can be reached by dialing 1-855-WAFINDER (923-4633). To learn more or register visit:

  • Apply for Benefits Online

    Washington Connection is free and secure website to find out what services to which you may qualify. Applications can be completed online in about 1 hour and can be used to access federal, state, tribal, and local resources. Programs you may qualify for include cash, food, medical assistance, child care subsidy, home, community, residential, and long-term care, and drug/alcohol treatment. To learn more or see if you qualify for assistance visit:

    • Complete Eats

      Complete Eats offers extra saving to shoppers who use their SNAP/Basic Food benefits when they buy fruits and vegetables. Shoppers who buy at least $10 worth of qualifying fruits and vegetables using their SNAP/EBT card and their Safeway Club Card will get a coupon for $5 off their next purchase. To learn about this program read more

    • Fresh Bucks Program 2017

      The Fresh Bucks provides extra buying power for people with SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as “food stamps” and often referred to as “EBT”). By matching dollars spent in food stamp benefits every time they shop at a Fresh Bucks-participating market, SNAP shoppers are able to purchase more fresh, healthy produce – all from local farmers. To learn about the program and locations read more