WIN211 maintains a comprehensive database of non-profit and government human service agencies and other community resources that enhance the quality of individual and community life for individuals living in Washington state. Fees will not be charged for listings in resource sections of the database unless otherwise specified in this document. WIN211 will send a copy of the inclusion/exclusion document to those who request further information regarding these policies.

  • A committee periodically reviews this policy to assure that we are reflecting the community's interests as they relate to providing such information. Inclusion in the WIN211 database is a privilege and not a right. WIN211 reserves the right to determine inclusion/exclusion in the WIN211 database at any time.
  • Exclusion of an organization from the WIN211 database does not necessarily imply denying clients access to that organization.
  • Inclusion in the WIN211 database does not represent or imply a determination of approval of the quality of the organization's services. Exclusion does not reflect on any organization's contribution to the community.
  • Agency information is provided by the agencies themselves via new resource forms, annual update and informal updates initiated by WIN211 or the agency, as well as agency-sanctioned newsletters, Web sites and other publications. We reserve the right to edit information to meet format, guideline and space requirements. We reserve the right to exclude organizations that are unresponsive to update requests, and whose information cannot be confirmed accurate by other means.
  • WIN211 reserves the right to exclude agencies that have been in operation for less than six months.
  • WIN211 reserves the right to charge a fee to select organizations and individuals who are for-profit but offer a highly requested community service.