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About Cookies

What are 'cookies'?

Some web sites store information in a small text file, which is called a cookie, on your computer. Most browsers are set 'out of the box' to allow cookies, but you have the option of allowing web sites to store cookies on your computer or not. If you choose not to allow cookies you may not be able to use some features on certain web sites. There are different kinds of cookies; those that are temporarily stored on your computer and those that are stored permanently on your computer.

Are cookies used on this web site?

In order to use all of the features of this web site you will need to set your browser to allow "session cookies". Session cookies are temporary and used only for your current browsing session. They cannot be used to track private information. When you close your browser, session cookies are deleted from your computer.

Can I allow cookies for this website only?

Yes, most browsers make it possible for you to allow cookies only on certain web sites. For example, in Internet Explorer you can do that on the Privacy tab under the Tools/Internet Options menu.