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Site Description

This system includes:

Searching For Services: a comprehensive database of local community resources for consumers, caregivers, and service providers. You can search for resources by using keywords or by selecting topics. You can specify the geographic area of the search by choosing one of the geographic options. When viewing the search results list you can narrow it down further using several different tools that will help you find just the services you need. Go to the Welcome Page to start a search.

Sign In & Home Page: handy tools to store searches or plans (collections of services) that you can compile while using the site.

Print: print the list of services you've found.

E-mail: e-mail a list of services you've found to yourself or someone else.

Map The Results: see a map of the area covered by the services in your list, with the location of each service noted on the map. Or get a map and directions to an individual service location.

For Service Providers: a set of online tools that allow service providers to update their information in the database; to read and respond to e-mails from the public; and to see how frequently their services have been viewed or saved to users' personal service lists. (Service provider updates are reviewed by a data maintenance team before the updates are released to the live database).

About This Site

This system was developed by North Light Software, Inc., a team comprised of individuals with experience in human service practice, community organizing, and computer information system design, development, and implementation.

Using Plans

What is a Plan?

As you move around this web site you have opportunities to save different types of resources that you find here. These resources can be consolidated into a collection called a "Plan". Once you create a Plan, you can add resources to it at any time. You can create as many plans as you'd like. For example, you could create a plan for yourself and for other family members.

How do I Create a Plan?

After checking off the resource(s) you want to save, click the "Save Checked Resources" button. You'll be taken to a page where you you can sign in to your private, secure area of the web site. Once you're signed in, you'll be taken to a page where you can create a new Plan or add the checked resource(s) to an existing plan that you saved previously.

What Can I Do With a Plan?

  • Print the list of services stored in the plan.).
  • View individual services or groups of services that you've saved in the Plan
  • Delete resources that you've saved in the Plan