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Using the Topic Search Interface

To search by selecting from a list of topics, click on the "Search By Topics" tab near the top of the page.

To begin, use the "Select a Location" option to focus on services that are available within a specific geographic area. See the "Limit your search Geographically" help topic in the "Location Search Tips" category for more information.

The list of topics displayed on the right side of the page are arranged in groupings that become more and more specific as you expand them to the next level by clicking the "+" to the left of a topic. For example, expanding the "Education" topic allows you to choose from a list of sub-topics including "Educational Programs", which itself can then be expanded further to topics like "Adult Education", "Dropout Programs", and more.

The number of services associated with each topic is displayed in parentheses to the right of the topic name. As you expand a topic into sub-topics, the number of services will decrease.

To start a search for services, click on a topic name at any level within the list.